FNDR 基金會宣言(英文版)

信懷南/2006年3 月27 初稿

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How We Began

      FNDR (Friends of NDR) Foundation was conceived of and founded by xxxxxxx in 2006. Mr. xxxxx is also known as Xin Huai-Nan, who popularized the term "Last Generation of Nei Di Ren" on his weekly columns in The World Journal, the most widely circulated Chinese newspaper in North America. "Nei Di Ren" (or "people from the hinterland") refers to a group of Chinese who were born between 1937 and 1950 in mainland China, grew up in Taiwan, and immigrated to and now reside in the United States. The majorities in the group are professionals in various disciplines, and many are American citizens.

      Over the years, Mr. xxxxx and his fellow NDRs have developed a love for and shared a strong feeling of indebtedness to the poor and under-privileged children in China, Taiwan, and America. While The Last Generation of NDR are aging and retiring, they are convinced that the value of one's life is measured not only by personal achievement or material success, but also by one's contribution to society so lives of others could be improved.

      FNDR foundation was founded with the above goal in mind. To accomplish this goal, FNDR is dedicated to helping individuals and communities to foster lasting improvement in the human condition, lessening physical and mental suffering, and providing education for children who otherwise would be left behind in rural areas of Unites States and overseas.

Our Mission

      Our primary mission is to ensure that children from poor families and impoverished communities will have the same opportunity to attend school as the rest of us. We will provide financial assistance to establish or improve the education infrastructure in rural United States, China, and Taiwan. Our funds will be used to build new libraries, classrooms, sports facilities, sanitation systems and other school infrastructure and institutions. In doing so, we hope to positively affect the lives of those who help as well as those who are helped, compelling all involved to pass on the spirit of goodwill to others.

      The FNDR Foundation is a private, independent and charitable organization. The Foundation makes grants and allocates its resources more effectively to those organizations around the world that share our common objectives.

How We Manage It

      FNDR Foundation is a "zero-balance" organization. No one receives a salary from The Foundation. All work is done by volunteers for minimizing costs and overhead. We raise funds through our web-sitewww.thelastndr.org and ask for donations mainly from grass-root individuals. We are supporting, not in competition with, other non-profit organizations and foundations that are working in the same area. The funds raised by FNDR Foundation may be distributed to other non-profit organizations or directly to individuals. .

      The Board of Directors underwrites all administrative expenses, so 100% of all donations go to programs/projects directly. We have the highest standard of reporting, accounting, and project management. All information will be visible to donors via our web-site www.thelastndr.org.

Our Program

      Our charitable programs are divided into two broad categories:

      The first category consists of programs on Human and Community Enrichment that operates primarily within the United States. As an essential element of strengthening communities and expanding opportunities for all, the Foundation is concerned about people who are in trouble, in need, or face obstacles that impede their full participation in society. Evidence increasingly shows that effective efforts on behalf of such individuals benefit society as a whole.

      The Foundation has selected a set of issues on which to focus its endorsement strategies. These include:

  1. Support Food Bank Organizations and "holiday kitchens" program via grant giving or volunteer works.
  2. Provide financial aid and administrative support to organizations offering front line services to new immigrants to the United States.
  3. Support organization which encourages west-east cultural exchange; participate and endorse community activity to improve mutual understanding between people from both sides of the Pacific.
  4. Grant giving to American-Born Chinese youth to perform "Peace Corp" type of volunteer works in rural China and Taiwan.

     The second category of FNDR Foundation programs focuses on improving the lives of orphans in China, and providing financial assistance to schools and school children there.

      The predicament of orphans in China is something few Americans can fathom. Every year tens of thousands of children are thrust into overcrowded, under-funded orphanages. They are abandoned because either their parents cannot afford to care for them, or as a result of the "one-child policy" enforced by the Chinese government to limit population growth. These children are forgotten because there are simply not enough resources to provide adoption, foster care or even the basic necessities to such a large number of orphans. And for children born with disabilities, the outlook is even grimmer. FNDR Foundation has prioritized and will make an effort to assist orphan villages in China to procure the following equipments and services:

  1. Medical Care – Both surgical and non-surgical, health checkups, medicines, etc.,
  2. Life-Improvement Appliances – Washers and dryers, heating/AC units, micro wave ovens, pediatric wheelchairs, etc.,
  3. Infant Cares – Nursery facilities, infant formula, clothes, toys, diapers, etc.,
  4. Building Renovations – rooms, roofs, carpets, floors, lighting, sanitary and recreation facilities, water piping, etc.,

     Education is a basic human right of all children, and FNDR Foundation is committed to allocate its resources to help schools and children in rural China meet their needs. Our activities include:

  1. Building or improving schools, libraries, sport courts, computer systems, sanitary and recreation facilities, water piping and utility requirements, and procuring computers, books, teaching-aid equipment, etc.
  2. Awarding scholarships to children from families of poverty and students who have shown extraordinary talent and dedication in pursuit the higher level of education or learning. FNDR Foundation does not accept applications or unsolicited nominations of the scholarship receptions. The Foundation accepts recommendations from organizations that share the same value of the Foundation.
  3. Coordinating and supporting mentoring or tutoring programs so our volunteers can have a more personal relationship with recipients of aids and to monitor closely the progress of children and youths who are participants of Foundation programs.